Your wedding will be one of the biggest moments and
biggest parties of your life.

So, you've carefully selected every last detail: a delicate invitation, your dream venue, a perfectly planned menu, striking decor, and a DJ that . . .

Record Scratch: You haven't yet chosen a DJ.


Because at other events, you've only

Because at other events,

you've only experienced

what you don't want

experienced what you



Bright rainbow disco balls

Music so loud no one can carry on a conversation

Awful speaker interference

Microphone feedback and important speeches cutting out

Failed attempts to get the guests onto
the dance floor that have resulted in the
DJ taking it upon himself to show 'em
how it's done...

Not at your wedding! No, thank you!

You're in luck. There's a bright light at the end of this dark tunnel.


Professional DJ and Owner

of Luminary Productions

Unfortunately, we've all been to that party.

So, I understand why selecting a DJ can feel daunting and stressful. After all, you've put in the blood, sweat , tears {and money} to plan this one day. And you’re dreaming of an evening filled with so much energy class, and fun, that it fully entertains and inspires life-long memories.

Of course, you want a DJ whose style and energy aligns perfectly with the vibe of your wedding! And quite frankly, that can be hard to find.

but, with me, you'll see things

but, with me, you'll see

in a different light.

THings in a different light.

As a professional musician with over 20 years of event production experience and over 200 weddings under my belt, I approach weddings as more than your DJ- I approach it as an event expert. Yes, I create killer playlists and unbelievable performances. But I also aim to be a professional resource and a part of the creative team that helps bring your full vision to life.

You can relax. Because your event, and your memories, are in expert hands.

So, let's go throw a party you'll be proud of.

What do you say?

i want that party!

“Working with Loren as a fellow wedding industry professional is an absolute DREAM. He treats his clients with the kindness and respect that everyone should be treated with on this special day. His expertise in not only his amazing professional DJ services but also his attention to detail and effortless MC skills are truly the best in the business and I am always so excited when I get to work with him!


an illuminating experience

You're probably starting to realize that planning, and pulling off, an elegant, unforgettable wedding is not for the faint of heart.

And while I can't promise you a stress-free experience, I can promise you that you'll never feel that you are going it alone. Because I'll be by your side throughout this entire process - communicating, listening, clarifying, and answering your questions. And I'll be here to help guide you through your choices - DJ related, or not.

You can be 100% sure that

we're going to have some fun.

Because planning the music and entertainment for the biggest party of your life, should be a                  



Because planning the music and entertainment for the biggest party of your life, should be a blast. Yes?

Here's how we'll get started:


step 1:

First, we'll schedule a call or meet for coffee. I want to get to know you and gain an understanding of your vision and your expectations. And, while I'll ask you the standard "where you went to college, what you do for a living, details about your love story" questions. I'll really try to go a little deeper than that, assuming that's okay. You know....crack the heart open a bit?... What is it that you love most about each other? What are the little things that make you two special together? Let's get personal.


step 2:

I'll take what I've discovered and put together a comprehensive, customized proposal outlining how I can best serve you. Because while your vision for your party might be crystal clear, you're probably not exactly sure how the services I offer can all work together. From music to custom lighting, sound, and unique elements to keep your guests entertained, I’ll include just what you need to create an incredible experience for you and your guests.

I know this is a big day and a big purchase. So, I’m here to answer whatever questions you may have. And I encourage you to take time to think it through. Talk with your partner, your mom, your planner, or your maid of honor. I want you to feel confident and comfortable in your decision.


step 3:

feel the energy

A packed dance floor is great and all...

But a dance floor packed with all your family & friends... Your newly married smiles full of so much joy... And that non-stop, party-filled energy in the air?

Well, that's what it's all about.

Seriously! See -and listen- for yourself.

"I always encourage my clients to be very selective about their DJ because they will help steer the energy for your party on the most important day of your life. Loren always does a phenomenal job of "reading the room" to keep dance floors packed all.night.long. And as a DJ, he is the perfect balance of fun and engaging without being cheesy. Without a doubt-choosing Loren as your DJ will be one of the best decisions you make while planning your wedding!"