The Best Thing About Memories Is Making Them

throwing authentic parties with DJ and MC services in Columbus, OH

Yes, you want to hear your guests saying, "That was the best wedding ever."
But what does that mean exactly?
Because, for you, it isn’t just about having the perfect peonies or a five-course plated dinner.

It's about the experience.

Those once-in-a-lifetime moments you get to share with the people you love most.

Celebrating your union to the ONE you love most. It's making the memories that everyone will be talking about long after it's over.

Because for you, a wedding where your guests are fully entertained and engaged, a wedding with the kind of energy and momentum where amazing memories are made...

...that is the best wedding ever.

(this could be you)

Here's how we'll get started:


step 1:

First, we'll schedule a call or meet for coffee. I want to get to know you and gain an understanding of your vision and your expectations. And, while I'll ask you the standard "where you went to college, what you do for a living, details about your love story" questions. I'll really try to go a little deeper than that, assuming that's okay. You know....crack the heart open a bit?... What is it that you love most about each other? What are the little things that make you two special together? Let's get personal.


step 2:

I'll take what I've discovered and put together a comprehensive, customized proposal outlining how I can best serve you. Because while your vision for your party might be crystal clear, you're probably not exactly sure how the services I offer can all work together. From music to custom lighting, sound, and unique elements to keep your guests entertained, I’ll include just what you need to create an incredible experience for you and your guests.


step 3:

you've got what i need!

I know this is a big day and a big purchase. So, I’m here to answer whatever questions you may have. And I encourage you to take time to think it through. Talk with your partner, your mom, your planner, or your maid of honor. I want you to feel confident and comfortable in your decision.


Music is this magical common language that connects people and enhances the mood of a room like nothing else can. As your DJ, I'll pay close attention to the energy and the people in the room, and I'll play just the right music at just the right time. And because I have a plethora of music to choose from, I'll quickly and smoothly transition when the mood or the moments shifts - blending the music in a way that not only works to create a high-energy, inviting atmosphere but maintains it all night long.


As your event host, I'll professionally set the tone for the evening, and I'll keep your guests in formed and engaged - all while executing the timeline effectively. I'll never once be obtrusive or distracting. And I'll certainly never embarrass you by saying something inappropriate and cheesy on, or off, the mic. Instead, from the inflection in my voice to the way I'm dressed, I'll provide the energy of an epic party. All without ever aiming to be the center of attention.

music planning

Instead of an online portal where you choose your music six months to a year before your wedding, I'll personally guide you to make song selections based on your musical taste and the overall vibe of the wedding you're creating. Then, on the day of your wedding, I'll briefly mingle and connect with your guests so I'll know who I'm entertaining and what will get them on the dance floor. By choosing the music in the moment {or as close to it as we can, anyway}, we'll avoid today's hit songs from becoming tomorrow's most overplayed, duds. From the moment the reception doors open to the very last song of the night, you and your guests will love what you hear.

doing what we do best



When it comes to sound quality and acoustics, my top priority is to go completely unnoticed. Think about it, you only look back at the sound guy when things go wrong: the mic doesn't work and guests are left struggling to hear your vows, or you've momentarily lost your hearing from that deafening feedback. Instead, as a professional musician with 20 years of live audio production experience, I'll ensure high-quality sound throughout your entire event. With top of the line equipment and flawless sound acoustics, you and your guests won't give it much thought at all. And that's exactly how it should be.

pricing begins at $2800
associate DJs begin at $1800

Live music provides the best of both worlds...the smooth transitions and musical versatility of a DJ along with the exceptional, unparalleled sound that only comes from live instruments.

live music

So much of a great wedding is found in the details. And lighting is one of the most overlooked, yet important, elements of an event. Lights can elevate your reception, play up the beauty and elegance of the room, and enhance the extra special moments of the evening. And they can be changed instantly to best fit your needs. So whether it's soft candlelit colors to go with your understated, natural color scheme, or it's all the bright colors of celebration to light up the energy of the dance floor, a little lighting can go a long way in establishing the mood and transforming the ambiance of your entire event.


Selfies + you + your wedding guests = photos of authentic joy and real moments. When you and your guests get creative and have some fun with the selfie station, these photos will bring you joy {and most likely a laugh or two} long after the day is over.

-Digital Gallery
-Social Media Sharing
-Pics Texted To Your Guests

selfie station-

digital photobooth

pricing begins at $600

pricing begins at $600

The extra special moments of your wedding deserve that little extra spark of excitement. Literally. Imagine a 12-foot tall array of sparks igniting just as you share in your first married kiss. Or as you are announced into your reception, cheered on by family and friends because you two are married! Cold spark fireworks are the perfect - and safest - way to illuminate those kinds of moments and are a guaranteed way to make them unforgettable.

cold spark


There are NO RULES for a wedding. You are creating this special day just for you. So don’t worry about what ANYONE else thinks. Do it your way.

(Just me or did you just get Frank Sinatra's "My Way" stuck in your head?)

just a reminder:

My advice? Follow your heart.

And if your heart tells you that you want a DJ who will rock this party with all the expertise, professionalism, intention and care, one guy can muster... Well then, guess I'm your guy.

let's talk!