What if you could travel forward in time to 10 years from now?

What will married life look like?

An endless honeymoon full of dreamy perfection? Or milestone moments filled with life’s inevitable challenges and changes?...

I'm Just A Few Steps

Ahead of You

As a man who has been married for over 10 years, I can attest that marriage is hard. But it's the BEST thing I've ever done.

And those vows you're about to take:

"For better, for worse. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health..." are only a hint of what's to come.

I'm so thankful that my wife and I have incredibly beautiful memories from our own wedding day to reflect back on. Because those memories have the power to get us through hard times. And they remind us of the joy in the vows we made that day.

My memories from my own wedding day are the reason I'm so committed to yours.

I see this night as so much more than a great party and one single, unforgettable evening. I see it as an opportunity to help you create incredible, life-long memories.

Memories that you'll cherish more

than you even know.


Growing up, my parents, created an environment where music was part of our familial norm. They are both professional cellists, so I genuinely thought everyone just sat around playing music all the time.

And let's just say that if you wanted to date me, you had to at least carry a tune.

(Honey, I'm so glad you passed that test!)

In college, while studying economics on a trombone performance scholarship, I got involved with a church group. And as I attended and observed it hit me... I could use my musical abilities in a career as a church musician. So, for the better part of 15 years, that's exactly what I did.

Funny enough, I also freelanced for wedding bands on the side. And as luck would have it, a friend asked me to DJ a wedding. I guess my seemingly odd skillset...professional musician, meets church emcee, meets wedding band...told him I was a good fit. And he was absolutely right. It was amazing.

I immediately recognized that

this is where I was meant to be.

okay... tell me more!

I immediately recognized that this is where I was meant to be.


01. Relationships:

The Currency of Life

There's a saying that the biggest currency in life is time. But personally, I believe it's relationships.

That's why from the very start, whether it's over email or in-person over cocktails, I'll treat you in a way that shows I value who you are as people - not just a business transaction.

Because I know that if you feel connected and comfortable with me, you'll let your guard down. And if you let your guard down, then I can find the best ways to make this experience uniquely yours. So, share some of the really special things about you two: What does he do to make you laugh? Does she have an innate ability to protect and care for you? Does he put thought into everything he does? How does she make you a better person? Dig deep.

I'll be sure and take those things and inject them into the plan and music of your day.

02. Personalization:

A Reflection Of You

You want your wedding to be a reflection of the thought and effort you've put in to it. And you want your personalities, your vibe, and your love story to shine through in every last detail. That's the very reason why I host a creative session where we'll uncover the unique vision you've been dreaming up. And my part in making that dream a reality.

We'll talk expectations, music, and what would make this night a 5-star, raving success for you. Bottom line, I don't just want to be another DJ. And you don't want me to just show up and play America's Top 40.

You want a DJ that can be a part of your creative team - a professional who can really help you create a wedding {and a party!} that is a complete reflection of you.

03. Expertise:

No Ordinary DJ

Throughout your wedding planning journey, I'll be here for you as a resource and a guide.

Whether it's making key song decisions for your grand entrance, or simply talking you through how we'll make the overall flow of the evening align with your vision, I'm happy and excited to help you think through the decisions that will make the day run smoothly.

Together, we'll choose your wedding playlists and I'll help you create a detailed day-of timeline. And because I don't just own the company but I'm also the DJ who will personally work your event, you'll get all of my personal attention and care throughout the whole planning process. Plus, a familiar, friendly face on your wedding day.

04. Collaboration

Teamwork Makes the

I'm guessing you want your event to run like a well-oiled machine. Well, good news... I play really well with others.

I've been doing this for a long time and have made amazing vendor connections and industry friends along the way. Have a question? If I don't know the answers to something, I most likely know the guy who will.

And on your wedding day, I'll work as a team with anyone and everyone so that we don't just meet your expectations, but we hopefully blow them out of the water.

If I see your planners moving tables, and I have a free moment, you can be sure I'll be in there moving tables too. Your caterers having trouble getting guests seated prior to dinner? I’m jumping in and helping. I'm always looking ahead to see any potential needs or problems and fixing them before they happen.

Dream Work

Because a vendor who authentically cares (or not) can make or break your wedding!

all of the above, please


What am I listening to when I'm not playing music for others?

Well, listen in: